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The VectorVest Program automatically analyses, ranks and scans over 23,000 shares worldwide every day for Value, Safety and Timing. VectorVest also combines fundamental analysis with technical analysis to give you a more complete picture of every share. As part of our analysis, every share is given a clear Buy, Sell or Hold rating based on specific rule-based criteria. And VectorVest provides daily guidance designed to help investors stay on the right side of the market.

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How Can VectorVest Help YOU?

When I designed this system I did not have time to look through thousands of stocks. I needed answers fast and that’s why I created VectorVest”  Dr. Bart DiLiddo

In 1978, Dr. Bart DiLiddo began to create mathematical models that clearly define EXACTLY what causes a share’s price to rise or fall. No opinions. No guesswork.

He discovered that all the influencing factors could be summed up in mathematical value models, mathematical safety models and mathematical timing models. After testing and retesting, he discovered that the models worked.

Even during the worst economic chaos VectorVest provides clear market timing signals intended to help investors protect their wealth and stay on the right side of the market. This stock market trend analysis system is completely rule-based and does not rely on inconsistent opinions, hunches or guesswork.

Providing Market Guidance Over 25 Years!

Early into the Global Financial Crisis, VectorVest issued a confirmed down call for the U.K. market on 25th July 2007 followed by a further six down calls that spanned the next two dismal years as the market shed approximately 40% of its value. Then on 20th March 2009 VectorVest began issuing confirmed up calls alerting our members to the market rally as it began an amazing recovery.

On 25th November 2012, VectorVest issued a confirmed up call, getting subscribers in early to the powerful rally that lasted through the first quarter of 2013. VectorVest’s market calls are published in the software, so you can see for yourself how powerful VectorVest’s guidance can be.

VectorVest’s philosophy is that protecting your capital at market tops when a down signal is issued and waiting to add shares to your portfolio until the market has started to rise and an up signal is generated results in better returns with less investment risk.

The great news is that this amazing software can be used by any individual investor – from beginners to advanced traders. It’s easy to use. Just two or three clicks of your mouse and you have access to all of VectorVest’s proprietary market timing and share analysis indicators.

You get clearly marked BUY ratings, but you also get clearly marked SELL or HOLD ratings updated every day. This is important. Many investment services will provide buy recommendations, but often neglect to update their recommendations in a timely fashion.

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