How to Achieve Worry-Free Investing in a Just a Few Minutes a Day

Worry-free investing in a just a few minutes a day

The VectorVest Worry-Free Investing strategy (WFI) has had an excellent 2019. WFI ranks and sorts all the shares on the London Stock Exchange by the safety and predictability of the earnings stream. This metric is known as Relative Safety (RS). High RS shares have a strong track record of making money safely over the past years with few surprises.

UniSearch, which is a feature of VectorVest, finds these shares easily. In the Unisearch, we set the following criteria.

Share Price < VectorVest valuation.

Volume traded (50-day average) >=50000 shares.

Price >=50p

Main Market only (Not AIM)

These shares are then sorted by RS.

At VectorVest, we believe that these shares should be accumulated when the overall market is rising. On VectorVest, we have long term market timing signals for investors and short-term signals for traders. For WFI, we use the longer-term signals which are known as Confirmed Calls. These signals are objectively calculated and superimposed on a chart of the London market. No subjective input is required.

The last Confirmed Call Up was printed on the 13th June. Since this signal on the 13th June 2019, the top 10 shares as chosen by the UniSearch detailed above has outperformed the overall market by nearly 3X as shown below.

Long-Term Winners QuickTest

In the USA market, the same Unisearch has produced similar results.

Day traders sweat all day in front of screens trying to make 5% a month. 90% of them fail and blow their account in the first three months of trying. WFI gives 100% of the upside of day trading with 1% of the effort.

As my old rugby coach used to say, “Let the ball do the work.”

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