Four Mistakes Preventing Consistent Gains in Your Trading Business

Four Mistakes preventing consistent gains

It’s easy to make bad decisions in your trading, keep your emotions in check and follow some basic rules so you can become a more confident and profitable investor.

David Paul joins Nick Batsford, CEO of Core Finance, to discuss rules to keep you ahead of the market. Be sure to watch the video and make any comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Four Mistakes Preventing Consistent Gains in Your Trading Business

  1. Never average down – so said my Bank Manager some 55 years ago !!
    I was seeing him to ask for a loan. He spent an hour telling why I should not buy BMC to “halve” my losses. One had real Managers in those days.
    I never have – I always remember that advice when ever I am tempted .

  2. Another good one is:
    “If its gone down over 20% since you bought it then the buy decision was wrong – so sell it.”
    This is mathematically correct because if you place continuous even bets on whether a coin will land on heads or tails, and your first bet is wrong the likelihood you will ever be in profit is small and ever reducing with each bet.

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