How to Find High Probability Swing trades and Spread Bets

VectorVest U.K. video screen

VectorVest U.S. issued a Confirmed Up Call on January 18, 2019, both the short term and long term trends are up and market timing tells us it’s safe to buy stocks that are rising in price. Today’s video blog demonstrates how to find swing trades using fundamental analysis and spread bets.


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2 thoughts on “How to Find High Probability Swing trades and Spread Bets

  1. Nice, briskly paced presentation. Classic buys….at least they were a few days ago :), and they do look as if they’ll motor on a bit more.
    As an Engineer the Vectorvest process seems to be a really sensible/logical approach…or am I just biased towards common sense and practicality? 🙂

  2. Hi David. Excellent as usual. Just two sugestions:

    1. The email pic link doesn’t work so I had to use link at very bottom of email to watch.

    2. Suggest presentaion done from standard platform as “VV Live” figures are difficult to read as they keep changing in red.

    Kind regards.

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