Is CROC Inc (CROX) a Good Swing-Trade Candidate?

Take the guesswork out of your swing trading decisions.

In swing trading, we look for trends and patterns and CROX looks to be a good candidate for my technical share analysis this week. Let’s take a closer look at the share and see if it’s a fizzle or sizzle.

2 thoughts on “Is CROC Inc (CROX) a Good Swing-Trade Candidate?

  1. Stock down 10% today on earnings report…..”In 2019, we will realize approximately $10 million in additional cost reductions. We are reinvesting some of those savings into marketing and our e-commerce business to further strengthen our brand and drive incremental sales growth. With strong gross margin improvement, much of our work related to expense reductions behind us. Our focus now and going forward is on accelerating sustainable, profitable top-line growth, as we further strengthen our brand and continue to deliver compelling product.”
    However, certainly one to keep an eye on.

  2. Interesting one, down today on results. I don’t like buying anywhere near results even though it can mean missing a freebie. High risk in my experience.

    Also noticed that there is a very long term horizontal support/resistance line at ~$30…touched in 07, 08. ’11 and recently went through the double top.

    There was a large divergence with the usual indicators on this double top and perhaps it wasn’t fully respected by reaching the ‘internal’ support line I have,…..drawn over the last years trend. It had been sitting around on this since the 5th Feb and the day before it dropped through.

    However I also see another support, emanating from around the same point of a year ago, which today’s tail is on…so it’s possibly a bounce point or maybe it’s just playful market makers using the results to shake out a few folk.

    I have yet another sloping down support, starting from 9th Nov 2018 and if the price went down to that, it would touch around $22.

    Pseudo hindsight is great isn’t it! 🙂

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