Santa finally arrives in the U.K.

Santa arrives in the U.K.

The Santa rally has finally arrived in the UK stock market with the Color Guard on VectorVest displaying green lights for the last week. The longest Market Timing system on VectorVest known gave a BUY signal on December 19th.

The chart of the VectorVest Composite of the UK is shown below with the Confirmed Call signals shown by the green and red triangles.

VectorVest Market Timing chart
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On the last post (a Core Finance interview) on this blog, I spoke of the proprietary VectorVest Worry-Free Investing system (WFI). The results of this approach in both the UK and USA were presented and they are impressive and robust.

As the last Confirmed Call was positive, investors would now seek to be fully invested in shares that have the highest Relative Safety (RS). It would also be a great time to initiate a WFI portfolio or at least follow a practice portfolio to get some experience of the system.

The rules are simple and can be downloaded from the VectorVest program. They are totally objective with NO subjective input.

I am holding all my positions over the holidays and will discuss them in detail at the next UK webcast on January 8th 2018. (Stay tuned!)

Have an excellent holiday and sending all reading, my best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2018.


David Paul
December 22nd 2018

3 thoughts on “Santa finally arrives in the U.K.

  1. Hi David, hope the sun shines in South Africa, I think I will be speaking on behalf of all Vector Vest UK subscribers in thanking you very much for all your efforts on our behalf throughout the year. All very much appreciated. Thank you for your insight and technical know how, which when combined with Vector Vest programme help us all to be more successful investors. With all best wishes for Christmas and 2018. Kind regards, Graham Phillips

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