Santa finally arrives in the U.K.

The Santa rally has finally arrived in the UK stock market with the Color Guard on VectorVest displaying green lights for the last week. The longest Market Timing system on VectorVest known gave a BUY signal on December 19th. The chart of the VectorVest Composite of the UK is shown below with the Confirmed Call […]

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Hastings breaks through the 52 week high

I have been holding Hastings for some months and spoken of the purchase in this forum on many occasions. This patience seems to be paying off. The share has broken from a pennant formation and has exceeded the 52-week high achieved at the end of September 2016. A few weeks ago, I wrote about corporate […]

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Let the market tell you what to do

The VectorVest Composite is higher day over day and week over week, and thus the price column of the VectorVest Color Guard is Green as I write. Within the Green light is a black asterisk. This says that the signal from price has been confirmed by momentum in the form of a rising RT. Statistically […]

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Let’s Do It All Over Again One More Time

The underlying trend of the VectorVest UK composite turned to down after trading closed on Thursday 11th December. On the same day, as the market had closed below the close of the last 10 sessions, a Confirmed Down signal was recorded on the chart. This is a signal that needs to be taken seriously. Prior […]

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