Video Interview: VectorVest Still Sees UK Market as a Buy

David Paul discusses the UK Stock market, why the London market is still a ‘buy’ and analyzes individual, upward trending stocks like Gleeson GLE.L, Taptica TAP.L, Clydesdale Bank CYBG.L and Petrofac PFC.L. Also tune in and see David’s 2017 year in review and his thoughts about the market in 2018.

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Worry Free Investing in 2017

The rules of the Worry-Free Investing system (WFI) are simple and robust. I have discussed them in detail in the post of December 19th during a Core Finance interview. In essence, the system uses the Relative Safety (RS) metric on VectorVest to find those shares on the LSE that have the highest consistency and predictability […]

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Santa finally arrives in the U.K.

The Santa rally has finally arrived in the UK stock market with the Color Guard on VectorVest displaying green lights for the last week. The longest Market Timing system on VectorVest known gave a BUY signal on December 19th. The chart of the VectorVest Composite of the UK is shown below with the Confirmed Call […]

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