Rough with the Smooth

After an excellent run, yesterday wasn’t one of the better days for my portfolio. I have been holding construction company Galliford Try and the share suffered a 10% drop after a 98 million pound one off cost was announced. The fall to slightly above 1300 went well below the VectorVest calculated stop loss. My entry […]

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The Wall of Worry… Once more…

I have no idea who first used the expression “markets climb a wall of worry”, but it correctly describes the present situation. Two weeks ago, I felt that there was further upside in the stock markets that I follow (US, UK and SA). I still hold that view. Below I show a daily chart of […]

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The Ball is in play once more

Last week saw the longer term trend join the Primary wave. Both short term and long term trends have turned up. Although the “Leger” at Doncaster hasn’t been run as yet, the seasonality is good. A quick look at the VectorVest Composite for the UK or the Ft100 index will show the amount of resistance […]

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Old Masters and Bellway

I have made no secret of my overweight position in Builders. I am very happy with both the technical picture and the fundamental situation in Bellway and Galliford Try. There is a strong seasonal trend on the builders kicking in soon, and I look forward to good times here after the grind of the first […]

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