Santa finally arrives in the U.K.

The Santa rally has finally arrived in the UK stock market with the Color Guard on VectorVest displaying green lights for the last week. The longest Market Timing system on VectorVest known gave a BUY signal on December 19th. The chart of the VectorVest Composite of the UK is shown below with the Confirmed Call […]

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5 Techniques to Find Winning Stocks

In trading and investing, it very easy to make life much more complicated that it needs to be. It’s easy to get sucked into spending hundreds of hours in the study of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and Gann before eventually ending up where you started. In the last 6 years in the stock markets of both […]

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USA Stocks have a poor week while London hangs in.

The VectorVest Composite of the entire US market charted the most long term (and bearish signal) on VectorVest during the last trading week. The US markets have now been within a Confirmed Down signal for the past four trading days. There was a lot of warning of the reversal as the Primary Wave and the […]

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