Swing Trading your way to Financial Freedom

The share price is trending strongly and scores an impressive 1.73 on the VectorVest Comfort Index (CI). CI is calibrated on a scale between o and 2 and a score above 1.3 indicates a price chart that’s trending strongly with little volatility. CI is a VectorVest secret weapon and is invaluable in locating swing trade setups in seconds.

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7 Steps to a High Probability Stock Trading System

Recently in this blog and in a talk at the London Investment Show, I tabulated seven steps to investment success with VectorVest. In this entry I will apply these steps to a UK listed share and a US listed share. These are the Coats Group and Intel. Dr Bart DiLiddo, the founder of VectorVest, teaches […]

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Markets take cover from war of words over Korea.

I have no doubt that the events of the past few days will become the script of a Hollywood blockbuster in years to come. I hope and pray that some sanity will prevail. I will leave the detailed analysis of the standoff to the weekend newspapers and focus on actions within my control. The VectorVest […]

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