The Wall of Worry… Once more…

I have no idea who first used the expression “markets climb a wall of worry”, but it correctly describes the present situation. Two weeks ago, I felt that there was further upside in the stock markets that I follow (US, UK and SA). I still hold that view. Below I show a daily chart of […]

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Confirmed Down preceded by MTI Divergence

For what seems like months, I have been writing about the divergence between the price of the VectorVest Composite and the proprietary VectorVest MTI indicator. The MTI is a momentum indicator based on the combined rate of change of both the price and breadth of the Composite. The breadth is measured each and every day […]

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WE Await the Vote

The financial world seems to on hold during Friday’s trading. The US is on holiday and the rest of the world awaits the decision by the Greek electorate on Monday. Their situation seems to be getting more obtuse with each passing day but I will let the weekend papers keep you up to date. Both […]

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